Our Cause


It is God desire that we feed, clothe the poor, help the widow and the less priviledged. If you have been moved to help the society in one way or the other, Soworkiq Charity Foundation is a good channel to do what God has put in your heart. Join us today!

Soworkiq Charity Foundation has different areas of support that you can choose from, just select a category from those listed below. We support cost-effective initiatives that provide everyday basics – such as food, water, health care and education, we also promote cutting-edge research to find the best solutions to global poverty.


Children & Young People

Get fundraising for your favourite local, regional or national group or charity that supports children and young people.

You might want to raise donations to support children in your local area or for a charity that helps young people develop independence. These are only a few examples of the many different types of cause you can support. However you want to help children, soworkiq charity foundation is a simple way to make a difference by raising funds for cause or charity that you want to support.




From nurseries to colleges and primary schools to secondary schools – there are lots of education based causes that you can choose from.

Traditional education development campaigns often focus on raising funds to buy school uniforms or school supplies—like textbooks, notebooks, and pencils. However, these campaigns often overlook the underlying social, economic, and health issues that cause children to drop out of school in the first place. And more often, these campaigns are not modeled on evidence-backed interventions that have been proven to boost school attendance and enrollment rates.Education should be a right for all children—not just those who live in the developed world, or those who come from wealthier families. Our recommended charities do innovative work across several development areas to help keep children in school for years to come.


Hunger & Nutrition

As with many issues that are exacerbated by extreme poverty, it’s often the youngest and most vulnerable whom are hurt the most. The world’s children are disproportionately affected by food and nutrition shortages.

Stunting is even more common than being underweight in the developing world. Globally, 160 million children have inadequate height due to chronic hunger and malnutrition. In the developing world, children from the poorest families fare much worse than those from the wealthiest households; children from the bottom quintile of households are twice as likely to be stunted as those from the top quintile.Soworkiq Charity Foundation recommended charities work to combat the inequalities in food supply and distribution, and the underlying structures that lead to inadequate nutrition. Our charities’ innovative and research-backed initiatives have brought nourishing meals or vital nutrients to some of the world’s neediest communities and families.